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fuck every one

Nov. 30th, 2004

09:52 pm - i hate myself

lots of stuff for teh antripesps today check out this song i wrote against prepz click heree

ny friend alan also maade a pic for teh comunity

hope u liek it all



Nov. 29th, 2004

10:32 pm

nu flier for teh anitperespx

sorry its small lol

piece \m/

Nov. 28th, 2004

08:34 pm

11:17 pm - RAWK

do u likey?


Current Music: KORN

10:29 pm - applicationonononon

age- 17 1/2
sex- alot rofl
fav tv show(s) teh simposons
fav movie(s) slc punx
band or singer- avenged sevenfold, earth crisis
hobbys- sk8ing, fucking shit up, smoking unfiltered cigarettes
what do u like about your self- i'm an individual!
what dont u like about your self- i'm fat :(
fav color- black and read
tell me a random fact about u- i smoked pot once it was kewl
why should i let u in- i hate pep rallies


Nov. 20th, 2004

08:01 pm

I made a new layout for the comunity!

who likes it?

11:58 am

i dont like this layout, red and purple look like shit togethr, can i redorate? and can i be one of the mods?

11:49 am - Here's my form, i said i would fill it out...

sorry but i dont feel lik puting a cut, if anybody has a problem with that then comfront me.
fav tv show(s)South Park,Simpsons,Familyguy,What i like about you,the o.c
fav movie(s)South Park the movie,28 days later, darkness falls,white chicks, 12 going on 30 and jack ass
band or singer-The yeah yeah yeahs, green day, story of the year, LP, GC, Sum 41
hobbys-you ;D jk i dont know
what do u like about your self-i like my personallity and my hair
what dont u like about your self-I dont like my weight, i think im fat.
fav color-red
tell me a random fact about u-my shoe size is a 7 or a 7 1/2 and my ring size is a 6 to a 7
why should i let u in_im already in bitch. oh and you need members lol

Nov. 14th, 2004

01:17 am - Just Made Anti-Preppie poster, what you think?

01:03 am

Hey dude,

i just joined. I'll post my app. when i feel like it... cause im badass LOL AHAH JK

but i dont feel like posting it.... and i know im in, cause your my friend.

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